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Upscale massage for men with home visits

You no longer need to waste time on the road to your favorite salon to enjoy the program, just order the desired service and wait! Massage for men with home visits has become increasingly popular in recent years. Do you want to try something new? This service will give you a lot of unusual experiences!

Why is this option so loved by the guests?

Indeed, in the salon there are all conditions for real leisure – a sauna, a jacuzzi, a hammam, specially equipped apartments. We agree that not all programs can be done at home, but most of the services do not require special equipment, only massage oils. And our craftswomen will take them with them!

What is the difference between a program at home and a program at an institution?

In addition to the fact that not every guest of the house has a jacuzzi, there are no special differences. But you must understand that when ordering a massage with a home visit, a man must clearly know what he wants:

  • for example, if you want to hold a session in the format of a role-playing game, you must immediately inform the administrator about this so that the masseuse can take the appropriate props with her;
  • also, if you want to dilute your leisure time with drinks or a steam cocktail, the master can take them too. The Podium salon has its own bar, so you will have a wide choice;
  • and, of course, if you decide to spend time with several masters, you should agree on this right away. Some guests order a program first with one masseuse, but after a few minutes after the start of the session, they want to change direction. In order not to be disappointed in the rest, discuss your preferences and wishes with the administrator at the recording stage, then all your leisure will be thought out from and to!

Order a massage for men with a home visit at an attractive price!

This service has a lot of advantages: you will relax in a familiar environment, you will be able to relax faster, you will not waste time on the way to the salon and back. But many people have a question: how much does such a pleasure cost? The Podium salon has democratic prices, and you can order a program with home delivery from only 8,000 rubles! Do not deny yourself the pleasure and enjoy your leisure time with us.

Upscale massage for men with home visits
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!