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“Sakura branch”: reviews of the program

Not many men know about the content of the Sakura Branch service. But the reviews about it are extremely positive even among those representatives of the stronger sex who were biased towards the field of erotic massage or did not appreciate the procedure at all because of negative experience. Why is the Podium salon changing the opinion of men?

We have a special approach to guests

Each guest is individual for us, so it is important for us to create an atmosphere in which clients will feel as comfortable as possible. And in this we are helped by the visual design of our halls and rooms. All apartments are not only beautiful but also functional: they have space for your clothes, air conditioning and shower rooms, and spacious beds.

We have some of the most delicate masters in Moscow

We train every masseuse in the art of relaxation. And we pay special attention to the program “Sakura Branch”, reviews of which confirm the success of all our efforts. How do our craftswomen surprise guests?

  • for us, massage is not only physical relaxation, but also spiritual liberation. Therefore, the surrounding atmosphere is important. In addition to modern furnishings and interiors, we also pay attention to the little things, because it is from them that the overall impression is formed. For us, smells and melodies are important, for example;
  • our masters live every program. Therefore, they do everything to ensure that the guest is delighted. At first they will relax you, this can happen in different ways: they will take a joint shower, dance for you or arrange a hot lesbian show;
  • only after you are completely ready, the girl will proceed to the main part. And she will not leave even the most biased man indifferent …

Do you want to know about the “Sakura Branch” not from reviews, but personally?

Then sign up for the program at the Podium salon! You can do this at any time, just call us at the number indicated in the “Contacts” section or write to any messenger. Our administrator will not only sign you up for the procedure, but will also tell you in detail about what awaits you, and, if necessary, will send you additional photos of the masters.

“Sakura branch”: reviews of the program
The salon does not provide services of
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