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Urological massage in Moscow – everyone should try

Urological massage in Moscow in the Podium salon always attracts the attention of our guests! But not everyone is fired up with this idea. Many, remembering their visits to the urologist, even look with apprehension at this event. However, there is not a single session in our Podium salon that would not bring pleasure to a man. Our goal is to show you all facets of pleasure and uncover all levels of orgasm!

Features of the session

At a urological massage session in Moscow in the Podium salon, the masseuse’s main tool is her finger, but for men who are looking for thrills, they can offer a strap-on, and this will raise the degree of pleasure to the maximum! Let’s list the main stages of the session:

  • Training. It is recommended to take a shower before the session in order to completely relieve yourself of tension. As a rule, the program starts with the classical part, which is aimed at warming up the whole body;
  • Excitation. When your body is filled with a pleasant weight, the girl will move on to more frank caresses, so that a wave of excitement will cover you;
  • Urology. When you are as aroused as possible, the masseuse will move on to the main part of the program.
    Real men are not afraid to get pleasure in any way. Therefore, we do not urge you to visit our salon as a challenge to your courage and courage. Let urological massage in Moscow become for you not a test or a test, but a pleasant sexual experiment.

Urological massage in Moscow – maximum pleasure

Urological massage in Moscow brings a large amount of fresh blood to the prostate gland. It cleanses and nourishes the entire male reproductive system, and for a healthy person we serve two purposes:

  • Helps to achieve possible pleasure;
  • Supports prostate health.

The abundance of lubrication and gentle movements of the craftswomen will give you an unforgettable experience and give you the opportunity to play a role in an erotic game. Sign up today, and enjoyment will not keep you waiting, we are waiting for you!

Urological massage in Moscow – everyone should try
The salon does not provide services of
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