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The cheapest erotic massage – a worthy vacation?

Many men ask this question, because no one wants to spend extra money. And indeed, why overpay for the procedure if the difference will not be noticeable? Salon Podium understands this, but after all, each representative of the stronger sex has his own idea of ​​the cheapest erotic massage and its expensive analogue.

What is the cost of the program?

Let us tell you about this using the example of our salon!

  • the most important thing is the location of the establishment. Podium is located in the center of Moscow, where there is not only expensive rentals, but also a lot of competition. We chose this location because of the convenience, because the guest can easily get to us both by personal and public transport. And the convenience of the client is above all for us;
  • the cost of services is also influenced by the professionalism of the craftsmen. The cheapest erotic massage program costs 5500, it includes both classic and erotic techniques. But they will be performed by masters with the appropriate qualifications, which means that you will not only enjoy the session, but will also be able to have a truly high-quality rest;
  • decoration is also important. Each room of the Podium has a shower room so that our client can both prepare for the program and wash off the remaining oils after the session. We provide each client with all the necessary accessories to make him feel at home;
  • and, of course, the products that are used in the procedures are important. We have these hypoallergenic oils that do not cause irritation even on the most sensitive skin. Now nothing can darken your vacation!

The cheapest erotic massage can bring you pleasure

The main thing is not to lower the bar too much. If you want to relax, but are not ready to spend money, come to Podium! Our administrators will select a program for you not only based on your taste preferences, but also taking into account financial capabilities. A good vacation is not necessarily expensive, because the most important thing in leisure is its effect. Come to the cheapest erotic massage program at Podium and be sure you will not be disappointed!

The cheapest erotic massage – a worthy vacation?
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!