Moscow, Bolshaya Molchanovka street 18 (Arbatskaya metro station)
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Male massage from the beauties of the capital

What is a real male massage? Each guest has their own answer to this question. For some it is enough to spend time in the company of stunning beauties, for someone their professionalism is also important. What plays the main role for you? Podium has exactly what you want!

Rest in our salon will be remembered for a long time

For us, the comfort of each guest is important, and therefore we practice an individual approach to any man. Our administrator will save your time and help you choose a master with whom you can have a good time. Just describe to her the “same” girl, and she will offer you masseuses suitable for the parameters. The same principle works with software: you can let your deepest fantasies come out, because Podium keeps every client’s identity private. Relax and enjoy a session you could only dream of before.

What can we offer?

Some people think that male massage is limited to the caresses of the genitals, but this is not at all the case! With us you can bring to life a variety of plots:

  • Punish the slow maid and take power over her. She will gladly become a submissive slave!
  • Fall into the hands of a strict police girl and do what she orders. You don’t want to go to jail, do you?
  • Flirt with an inexperienced nurse and seduce her. You can do it, we know!
  • Come up with your story and tell the administrator about it. It is better, of course, to do this in advance so that we can prepare and take you fully armed.

Male massage will improve your life

Have you ever felt truly rested? Unfortunately, in the realities of a big city it is difficult to find time for your own leisure. Therefore, it should be as bright and memorable as possible! In order not to waste time in vain, come to a proven institution in the very heart of the capital – the Podium salon. Already many representatives of the stronger sex were convinced of the professionalism of our girls. Do it and you! Well, we will arrange for you a vacation that you never dreamed of before …

Male massage from the beauties of the capital
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!