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Erotic vacation in Moscow: get to know the capital from the other side

New Year’s time is ahead, which means that the capital will be filled to capacity. Many guests of the city come not for the first time, that is why every time the question arises: what to do with yourself? What’s new to try if you’ve been at the Christmas tree on Red Square, you’ve already seen museums and shows, but the theater isn’t yours? Perhaps, not everyone has experienced an erotic vacation near the center of Moscow, so do not hesitate and take a place for yourself: it will be difficult to squeeze into our schedule for the holidays!

Why Podium?

Alas, but to immediately find a high-quality intimate salon is a great success. The main “villain” in this business is the low price of services: remember, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. In other words, you have every chance of facing the law – such establishments, as a rule, do not neglect paid sex services, and this is an administrative offense. We do not mention the other consequences of such leisure at all – adults themselves understand everything. In addition, there is a possibility that instead of a beautiful nymph, a woman of Balzac’s age, perhaps stateless, will get a master – it will be difficult to count on a good massage. Therefore, we urge you to apply exclusively to trusted places: establishments in the center are subject to more thorough checks, and craftswomen are taken to such elite salons only with the necessary knowledge and experience – we protect our reputation!

What are the other benefits?

An erotic vacation in Moscow will be perfect if you fall into good hands! So, in Podium you can choose a masseuse in advance: current photos of the masters are posted on our website. Be sure that your beauty will conduct the session!

  • An erotic massage will be given to you in a pleasant atmosphere: our interiors are equipped with showers, a jacuzzi, and there are also very soft beds;
  • pay attention to the promotions: there are special offers in the New Year;
  • our rich programs will show you what real erotica is.

Erotic vacation in Moscow: as you meet the year, you will spend it!

Therefore, start it with pleasure! Nothing will interfere with your erotic vacation in Moscow: we accept clients without QR codes, and are ready to provide everyone with anonymity. Well, charming craftswomen will finish the job in the Podium salon.

Erotic vacation in Moscow: get to know the capital from the other side
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!