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Erotic massage at home from the best masters

Thinking about rest, but don’t want to spend a lot of time on the road? Then a special offer from the Podium salon is just for you! Order an erotic massage and enjoy our treatments at home!

Just give us a call!

Contact our administrator, and she will tell you in detail about all the programs available for departure, as well as about the masters who can visit you. We advise our guests to plan such a holiday well in advance so that the masseuse they are interested in is available for the program.

And what services are provided on departure?

Of course, on-site programs are more labor-intensive. It is necessary to plan the time of the master, and if your order falls on rush hour, you will have to stand in traffic jams and pay double the fare for a taxi. Therefore, the cost of erotic massage services provided at home starts from 8,000 rubles. But for this amount you will receive:

  • the opportunity to spend your vacation in your home, where you can relax faster and feel more comfortable;
  • our masters can bring you a hookah, as well as drinks from our bar to brighten up the session and maximize your liberation before the program;
  • you can order the service both within the Moscow Ring Road and outside it. Of course, the cost of the programs will differ, you can learn more about all the working conditions of our masters from the administrator by calling the number indicated in the “Contacts” section.

Can they refuse the service when ordering erotic massage at home?

Of course, this is not excluded. There are several reasons for this. The first of which is the time that the master will spend on the road. Sometimes literally the whole city is in a traffic jam, and even a distance of 5 km is covered in an hour. Also, the master may refuse you, having arrived at the place, if you are intoxicated. Remember, we do not guarantee 100% relaxation for drunk guests, as the sensitivity decreases. Well, if you are ready to follow the internal rules of the salon, we are ready to provide you with the best leisure time by delivering erotic massage right to your home!

Erotic massage at home from the best masters
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!