Moscow, Bolshaya Molchanovka street 18 (Arbatskaya metro station)
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Erotic massage and incredible squirt

Erotic massage and squirt at the climax will help every beautiful woman to relax and enjoy herself. Confidence, grace and charm will appear. Sensuality and tenderness return with more force to catch the eye with your graceful gait.

How can a woman be satisfied?

Many chosen ones are ready for a lot for the sake of their beloved, because they want to be the best in everything, even in such an intimate matter. Loving men can order a certificate or go to a session with their companion to enjoy what is happening in all its glory and full. Masseuses work using proven techniques and are only happy to give you incredible and unforgettable pleasure. You will be delighted for a very long time, because such a storm of emotions never goes unnoticed. Squirt during an erotic massage in the Podium salon is guaranteed to you.

What is the salon?

  • Interior. We have at our disposal 12 spacious rooms on the Arbat, equipped with shower rooms, a jacuzzi and a sauna for steaming before a massage. The designers have thought through everything to the smallest detail so that every guest of the salon can feel comfortable at any time.
  • Girls. On our site there are photos of only really working girls. You can choose any for yourself by type, age and build. Twenty girls work steadily every day.
  • Security. We work without restrictions, so we don’t need a QR code. In addition, there is a guard in the cabin that monitors everything that happens. The most important thing that visitors are interested in is complete privacy, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Promotions in the salon operate constantly and delight every guest with this. You will be able to buy a certificate for 30 minutes of massage as a gift on your next visit. Or you can take part in a marathon and get a 10% discount for every third hour with a bottle of champagne as a gift. The average price of a VIP program starts from 8,000 rubles. For all questions, it is best to contact the administrator.

How to make a girl squirt during an erotic massage?

Many girls want to feel the maximum pleasure that men are not able to give them, therefore, in pursuit of something new and unusual, they are looking for adventure. Their incredible adventures can be helped by the masseuses of the Podium salon, who are fluent in this technique. In addition, if a man wants to enjoy such a spectacle from a professional, he can agree in advance and include this in his program for an incredible burst of endorphin. Erotic massage for women includes squirt, relaxation and sensual caresses. Relax in body and soul now. Treat yourself to emotions!

Erotic massage and incredible squirt
The salon does not provide services of
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