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Erotic massage for a couple: private ads or proven salons?

There is an opinion that the masters do massage at home better, cheaper and generally more sincere than their colleagues in the salon. But what if you wanted to go for an erotic massage for a couple? Will private ads offer you something interesting or will you have to contact large establishments for such a specific service?

There are many offers in Moscow

They are in great demand. In the capital, the population is better off and less blinkered, and therefore chooses appropriate rest. But among the numerous proposals, it is sometimes difficult to find something that will be of high quality. And how do you define the quality in the field of erotic relaxation?

Decent holiday criteria

If you decide on an erotic massage for a couple, but do not know what to choose: private ads or salon offers, pay attention to what your session should be:

  • the most important thing is the professionalism of the craftsmen. Not every girl working individually can afford to take the appropriate courses. Therefore, here you can safely give your preference to large establishments;
  • environment. Both overall design and functionality affect your holiday experience. And here the salons also win, because they have specially equipped apartments, in many salons, including the Podium, there is also a jacuzzi and a hammam;
  • nevertheless, a pair program requires two masters. The session will be more enjoyable if both you and your significant other manage to choose the perfect girlfriend. And the chance to find ladies to your taste is greater in large salons, since there is a large selection of craftswomen.

Erotic massage for a couple for a private ad will cost less

And this is the most common misconception. Firstly, cheaper does not mean better, because you have definitely saved on something. Secondly, it is not cheaper at all … you can compare the offers of salons and private masseuses. For the latter, as a rule, the price is indicated only for one master. And to find out the real one, the cost will have to be multiplied by two … And no one guarantees you quality! Therefore, choose places for your leisure time wisely, so as not to be disappointed in this unusual vacation!

Erotic massage for a couple: private ads or proven salons?
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