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Elite intimate salons of the capital

How to choose a place to stay so that it does not disappoint? Many establishments have appeared in Moscow that position themselves as elite sex salons, but some of them do not meet the criteria for premium. Do you want to spend your leisure time unforgettable? We know what to offer you!

How to understand if the salon meets the quality criteria?

Unfortunately, some men are faced with a sense of disappointment already upon arrival at the institution. In order not to waste time in vain and not receive mediocre services from unprofessional masters, you should clarify a few questions with the administrator in advance when signing up for the program:

  • “how many masters do you have on staff and how many of them are on shift every day?”. The administrator’s response will let you know if they can provide you with a decent choice. You can also clarify this information on the site: study the profiles of girls, evaluate how different types there are in the institution. If more than 70 girls work in it, and more than 10 girls work in a shift every day, this is really an elite sex salon;
  • “What vacation programs would you recommend based on my requests?”. Many unscrupulous administrators begin to impose the most expensive services. If you do not want to be deceived, first choose your own program on the site. In a quality vacation spot, your choice with the administrator will coincide with a probability of 90%;
  • “Will it be possible to extend the rest?”. The main difference between a good place and a mediocre one is the number of rooms. In the premium salon, there are enough of them to accommodate a large number of guests. If you are strictly limited in leisure time, most likely, you should look for another place.

Elite sex salons are located in the center of Moscow

This rule almost always works. If you want to get a decent rest, take a look at the offers in the heart of the capital. One of them is the Podium salon! It is easy to get to us both by personal and public transport, and if necessary, you can ask the administrator to meet you by calling the number listed in the “Contacts” section. Choose worthy places and spend time with pleasure!

Elite intimate salons of the capital
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!