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What is good about a family erotic massage?

Family erotic massage programs have not yet become familiar to most couples, and therefore can provide an unforgettable effect from leisure. If you and your significant other want to try something new and are ready to trust the professionals, contact the Podium salon!

How will the recording and session go?

The more guests know about leisure, the more relaxed their vacation will be! Therefore, we will try to tell you as much as possible about all the nuances of leisure.

  • First you need to call us. The administrator will tell you in detail about the pair programs, as well as about the girls who conduct sessions for two. You can choose the masters in advance (the administrator will send you their photos), or you can do it right in the salon! The second option is preferable for many.
  • Family erotic massage is a rather specific way to relax, especially for a girl. Therefore, we suggest that you allow your significant other to “steer” your pastime. Let the girl choose a masseuse and a program for you! By the way, we have interesting options with one master, in which you can act as an observer, and the girl will enjoy a massage. It is ideal for jealous partners.
  • Finally, we will offer you additional opportunities: a pastime in our bar, sauna or hammam, VIP room with Jacuzzi and much more. With them, your vacation will be even more enjoyable!

You can order a family erotic massage at home

Some couples want to sign up for an unusual leisure, but are afraid to go to the salon. We can offer you an on-site service! Order any program and enjoy the session in a familiar environment. Well, as a bonus, our masters can bring drinks from the bar or a steam cocktail. With us, the time will pass unforgettable!

What is good about a family erotic massage?
The salon does not provide services of
an intimate nature!